Group Matters

Leigh Group, Conwy 2019


The current first aiders in the group are:

  • Valerie Bruyr

  • Daniel Tetlow

  • Leoni Palmer

  • A copy of the group lab manual can be found here

    Monkey Business

    Responsibility Monkey
    Safety Champion Stefan, Valerie
    Bay Bosses Caroline (A), Chong (B), Elisabeth (C), David M (D), Stefan (E), German (F)
    Webpage and IT Management (including keeping Leigh group email list up to date) Björn, James, Dean
    Smelly Büchi Shuntaro, Yansong
    NMR Benji, Martin, Dean, Lorna
    MS Andrei, David M, Olivia, Zoe
    HPLC Chong, Stefan
    Size exclusion Björn, Caroline, Min, Jiankang
    Automated Columns Ben, David A
    SPS Ben, Valerie, Jack
    Microwave David A, Valerie
    UV-vis and photoreactor Julien, Romain, James, Elisabeth
    IR spectrophotometer Caroline, Elisabeth
    Melting point Ke
    Water purification system Jiankang, Min
    Polarimeter Elisabeth
    Centrifuge machine Loli
    pH meter Stefan
    Chromatotron Valerie
    Annual Windermere Trip Valerie
    Group meeting schedule Dan
    Applicants schedule German

    Old Trafford Tickets

    The Leigh Group and their Guests have the use of a pair of Season Tickets for Manchester United at Old Trafford. For the 2021-22 season the seats are in the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, Block N3406, row 25, seats 81 & 82, accessible through entrance N47.

    The view from the seats is:

    How to get there

    For maps and directions click here .

    Booking the Tickets

    Everyone in the group who wishes to (and/or their guest) should be able to see at least one game a season. Björn (bjoern.andreassen at postgrad.manchester dot ac dot uk) keeps the Membership details (which are in the names of David Leigh and Sau Yin Leigh) that are necessary to allocate the tickets electronically. The allocated tickets will be on the way to you a few days before kick-off.

    All home games in the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League. Games marked with an * may or may not be played at Old Trafford, depending on Manchester United's cup progression and also the cup draw. Games marked with a ** will be allocated in due course.

    To book a game, ask Björn to add you to the list below:

    Date Competition Opposition Kick Off Ticket 1 Ticket 2
    14 Aug Premier League Leeds 12.30 Martin
    11 Sep Premier League Newcastle TBC Benji
    25 Sep Premier League Aston Villa TBC Romain
    29 Sep Champions League Villarreal TBC Andrei
    02 Oct Premier League Everton TBC Romain
    20 Oct Champions League Atalanta TBC Yansong
    23 Oct Premier League Liverpool TBC Björn
    6 Nov Premier League Man City TBC
    30 Nov Premier League Arsenal TBC
    04 Dec Premier League Palace TBC
    08 Dec Champions League Young Boys TBC Lucille
    18 Dec Premier League Brighton TBC Jack
    28 Dec Premier League Burnley TBC
    01 Jan Premier League Wolves TBC
    22 Jan Premier League West Ham TBC
    12 Feb Premier League Southampton TBC Olivia
    26 Feb Premier League Watford TBC
    12 Mar Premier League Spurs TBC Dave
    02 Apr Premier League Leicester TBC
    16 Apr Premier League Norwich TBC
    30 Apr Premier League Brentford TBC
    15 May Premier League Chelsea TBC Dave R. D. Astumian